Planning for the Busy Season

Published November 2016

Cranfield Business Finance is encouraging retail businesses to consider a Merchant Cash Advance solution as the busiest season of the year approaches.

Christmas has always been the busiest time of year for retail, but that has been compounded even more in recent years by the increasing popularity of Black Friday. As retail businesses plan for the surge, it can be a difficult time to manage stock, cash flow, marketing and sales.

Alan Jones, Director at Cranfield Business Finance, believes that small to medium businesses may benefit from a Merchant Cash Advance, saying, ‘As businesses buy in more stock and increase marketing in preparation for the Christmas rush, it can make managing cash flow quite difficult. We’ve seen many businesses greatly benefit from a Merchant Cash Advance.’

Merchant Cash Advance is an innovative funding solution which allows businesses to borrow funds against future debit and credit card transactions. It allows for quick access to funds with no lengthy contracts.

Typically up to 150% of average monthly card receipts can be available to borrow against future debit and credit card sales. Repayments are then taken in line with seasonal business fluctuations and only on days when there are card receipts.

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