What our clients say

Cranfield Business Finance, with its head office in Coventry and eight regional offices located throughout England and Wales, works with businesses, lenders, individuals and professional advisors to deliver the best value financial solution to meet our clients aspirations. The broad range of experience within the team means we have a great deal of knowledge about all business sectors from traditional UK based construction,  manufacturing and healthcare companies to those seeking to import & export their goods.

To give best advice we have to be able to understand a client’s business. This selection of client testimonials illustrates how we work to get the best results for the businesses and individuals we work with. 

We were introduced to Cranfield Business Finance by our accountant of 10 years. We had been factoring invoices for 5 years and we had a number of day to day issues with our current factoring facility.

Cranfield Business Finance looked after us, guided us in making difficult financial decisions, and decisions that were the correct ones to help grow our business. They offerred us a very friendly, approachable and professional service and I would highly recommend them when trying to move a business onwards and upwards.

Many thanks to Alan and Adam for making the whole process much easier.

Director, Scott's Commercial Services
Image of Director, Scott's Commercial Services

Without Cranfield Business Finance, this just wouldn’t have happened. They held my hand right through the process, and spent so much time and effort facilitating numerous meetings and understanding what I wanted to achieve. They really made sure it happened.

I wouldn't hesitate to involve Cranfield Business Finance again. Even if they can only help me with advice, I trust them completely. I can honestly say it’s been a pleasure to work with them.

Director, E-warehousing Ltd
Image of Director, E-warehousing Ltd

We have been extremely pleased with the service provided by Cranfield Business Finance and we highly recommend them. They are professional, extremely knowledgeable, approachable, efficient and supportive. We have saved thousands of pounds with no stress and very little time on our part. My only regret is that we didn’t know them years ago!

Director, Recruitment Agency

Our Business needed to improve its cash flow due to the number of contracts we were winning. However due to my personal circumstances and credit rating I knew this would be a real issue to put into practice. We arranged a meeting with Cranfield who explained our options and then dealt with everything on our behalf. We were never pressurised into anything and at all times were kept abreast of how things were progressing. The solution Cranfield came up with was ideal for our situation and at a lower cost than we had expected. I would not hesitate recommending Cranfield to anybody.

Director / Owner, Construction Company

Excellent service! Fast, friendly and efficient. As a client of Cranfield Business Finance, we needed to boost our cash-flow due to major expansion of our core business and Cranfield came to our rescue in the nick of time. As a result, we have secured many lucrative contracts and the success has brought us new opportunities, which we are now able to pursue. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs outsourced, sound business financial advice.

Operations Director, Distributor

Alan Jones is certainly an excellent ambassador for Cranfield Business Finance. He strives to understand his client’s needs and matches the products to suit individual requirements. He works within the timescales he has agreed with his clients and keeps them well informed at all times. With an extremely professional demeanour and approach, he inspires confidence in his clients.

Director, Development Company
Image of Director, Development Company

In the past we found the financial sector to be a mine field and were at a crossroads not knowing which way to turn. It was at this point that we were introduced to Cranfield Business Finance. The advice and support has been second to none in helping us to reach the best solutions for our business needs.

Managing Director, Fabrication Company
Image of Managing Director, Fabrication Company

The experience left me with an overriding feeling of utter professionalism. You really looked after our interests from start to finish, thank you!

Managing Director, Shop/Office Outfitter